Cementoma (periapical cemento-osseous dysplasia) 2nd stage


  • Apices of several lower incisors
  • Middle aged adults (typically black women).
  • Round, monolocular, often multiple.
  • Adjacent teeth: typically vital, not displaced, not resorbed. The periapical ligament space is intact.
  • Small, up to 1 cm in diameter.


  • Early stage: Radiolucent, not corticated
  • Intermediate stage: Radiopacity within the apical radiolucencies
  • Late stage: Densely radiopaque but surrounded by a thin radiolucent line.

Differential diagnosis


case of cementoma

case of cementoma

A case of cementoma (mixed stage)in the lower left premolar region. The investigation was performed for implant placement. (Cementoma was random finding)

A cementoma case