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Soft tissue calcifications

Soft tissue calcifications


A variety of radiopaque calcifications within the overlying soft tissues may be detected radiographically.


:salivary calculi,

  • Rhinoliths
  • Calcified lymph nodes
  • Calcified tonsils
  • Phleboliths
  • Calcified atheromatic plaques in arteries
  • Antroliths

Bilateral elongation of the styloid process and calcification of the stylohyoid ligament.

Antrolith in the left sinus


Calcified lymph nodes; different cases.

Calcified atheromatic plaques in arteries. Different cases

Calcified stylohyoid ligament.

Different cases of calcified submandibular gland calculi.

Calcified salivary calculus in the parotid gland

A case of a large sialolith

calcified tonsils on panoramic and cbct images