Hemangioma, central

Hemangioma, central

  • Rare benign tumor that rarely affects the jaws.
  • It can occur at any age, but more often in adolescents.
  • Multilocular radiolucency (soap bubble or honeycomb appearance). Large lesions may have the sun ray appearance of an osteosarcoma.
  • Root resoption of adjacent teeth is common. Developing teeth may be larger and erupt earlier.
  • When the lesion involves the inferior dental canal, the canal can be enlarged.
  • Aspiration of the lesion is an important diagnostic tool.

Differential diagnosis


Central hemangioma

Courtesy of Prof. CJ. Nortje, Univ. of Stellenbosch, S. Africa.

A 36yrs old male with reported numbness in the left mandible for about a month ago. Biopsy showed central hemangioma.

Courtesy of Leif Kullman DDS, PhD
Assoc. Professor Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology
Faculty of Dentistry, Kuwait University.

Central Hemangioma, lower jaw.