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Solitary (traumatic) bone cyst

Solitary (traumatic) bone cyst

  • It is a bone cavity not lined by epithelium
  • Unknown etiology and pathogenesis. Almost always asymptomatic.
  • Most often is found in young people under 20 years.
  • Most common location: mandible, premolar/molar region.
  • Unilocular, moderately well defined and moderately well corticated radiolucency.
  • The superior margin squeezes between the roots of the adjacent teeth (scalloping).
  • There is rarely any resorption or displacement of the adjacent teeth. The teeth are usually vital.

Differential diagnosis


Several cases of traumatic (solitary) bone cyst.

Traumatic bone cyst (cone beam CT scans).

Asymptomatic traumatic (solitary) bone cyst.

Solitary bone cyst (traumatic cyst) in a male 18 years old.

Solitary bone cyst (traumatic cyst) in a male 15 years old.