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Root absorption

Root absorption


Causes of external root resorption:

  • Periodontal infection.
  • Pressure from orthodontic displacement, an impacted element, or a tumor.
  • Trauma.
  • Idiopathic.

Internal root resorption is a pathological phenomenon that can be characterized by loss of dentin due to clastic cell activity. It occurs when the pulp is inflamed. Dentin breakdown can take years, but can also develop very quickly.

External cervical invasive root resorption in 26

External root resorption caused by impacted premolar. Images showing intimate relationship between the premolar and molar. Severe root resorption in the molar and destruction of the buccal cortex.

External cervical root resorption in tooth 11

Internal root resorption

Root resorption after orthodontic treatment

Central incisor showing external root resorption caused by impacted canine.

Root resorption associated with orthodontic treatment.