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Paget's disease (stage 3)

Apical abscess Paget's disease (stage 3)

  • Idiopathic, chronic, slow-developing bone disease in the elderly.
  • Abnormal resorption and deposition of bone, leading eventually to sclerosis and expansion of the affected bone.
  • The jaws are involved in 20% of the cases.
  • It can be divided into three stages:
    • 1st stage - Bone resorption: Generally radiolucency/osteoporosis)
    • 2st stage – Ostoblastic repair (mixed radiolucency/radiopacity)
    • 3st stage – Sclerosing phase (haphazard deposition of sclerotic bone, “cotton wool” appearance.
  • Other radiographic features: loss of lamina dura and obliteration of the periapical periodontal ligament, hypercementosis, external root resorption.

Differential diagnosis


A case of Paget disease.