Tooth fracture


  • Crown root fracture with or without pulp involvement. A fracture involving enamel, dentin, and cementum with loss of tooth structure, with or without exposure of the pulp.
  • Vertical root fracture. A true vertical root fracture is defined as a complete or incomplete fracture initiated from the root at any level, usually directed buccolingually. The fracture may involve one proximal surface or both. The fracture is located in the root portion of the tooth only and may extend coronally toward the cervical periodontal attachment. A VRF may extend the length of the root or occur as a shorter crack at any level along the root.



Root fracture. The recall intra-oral radiograph showed that the periapical lesion increased in size. CBCT images revealed a root fracture in tooth 25 and a large bone defect.

Crown fracture (complicated).

Root fracture (intraoral radiograph).