• Acute sinusitis is an acute bacterial or viral infection of the paranasal sinuses.
  • Main causes: Upper respiratory infections, trauma, oroantral communication, dental infections, nasal anomalies, and allergic mucosal edema.
  • Symptoms: Facial pain, headaches, local tenderness.
  • Radiographic features: Air-fluid levels, air-bubbles, mucosal thickening or complete sinus opacification.
  • Chronic sinusitis: Swelling and inflammation of the sinuses are present for longer than 3 months.
  • Main causes: prolonged antral infection, continued presence of a foreign body or oroantral communication.
  • Radiographic features: Mucosal thickening.



Acute sinusitis, two different cases; Air-fluid level in the right sinus.

Pansinusitis: Inflammation of all paranasal sinuses on one or both sides. CBCT images show complete opacification of the frontal sinuses, ethmoid sinuses, maxillary sinuses and sphenoid sinuses.

Chronic sinusitis in the right antrum: Thickened mucosal lining and thickening of the antral wall. Presence of foreign body in the right antrum.

Mucosal thickening in the ethmoidal sinus; different cases.

Mucosal thickening in the sphenoid sinuses.

Mucosal thickening in the left frontal sinus, ethmoidal sinus and sphenoidal sinus.