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Cemento-Ossifying fibroma (3rd stage)

Cemento-Ossifying fibroma (3rd stage)

  • Benign fibro-osseous neoplasm. It is difficult to differentiate the calcified tissue within the lesion between bone and cementum.
  • Most commonly in the third and fourth decade of -st
  • It is usually located in the premolar/molar area of the mandible.
  • Three stages of development: radiolucent - mixed - radiopaque.
    • In early stages it appears as unilocular, well-defined radiolucency.
    • As the lesion grows radiopaque foci develop within the radiolucency.
    • As the lesion matures it becomes radiopaque. The radiopacity is surrounded by a thin radiolucent ring.
  • Generally is asymptomatic unless it grows large enough.
  • It can cause displacement of the adjacent teeth. Root resorption is uncommon.