Radicular cyst


  • It is a liquid-filled cavity lined with epithelium. It develops in a preexisting periapical granuloma.
  • It has similar radiographic appearance as the periapical granuloma:
    • round or oval radiolucency
    • well defined
    • well corticated if longstanding
  • The radiopaque border is continuous with the lamina dura of the associated tooth. The apex of the tooth can frequently be identified within the lesion.
  • The adjacent teeth can be displaced but rarely resorbed.

Differential diagnosis



Different cases of radicular cyst.

A case of radicular cyst: before and after the extraction of the associated tooth.

A radicular cyst associated with the 22.

CBCT images. Different cases.

Large odontogenic cyst arising from the right upper first molar. Perforation of the palatal cortex. Remodeling and perforation of the floor of the sinus and mucosal thickening.